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339 Baden Ave
South San Francisco, CA, 94080
United States


Studio Choo Florists create seasonal, wild, California-native floral decor for weddings, events and by subscription. Our art studio is currently open by appointment only.


Field Trip: Fifth Crow Farm

Studio Choo Florists

Teresa Kurtak of Fifth Crow FarmA few weeks back we hopped on The 1 to check the scene at Fifth Crow Farm down in Pescadero. Friend and local floral talent, Eleanor Gerber-Siff of Bi-Rite Market, had already told tales about the gorgeous stuff Teresa Kurtak and her partners were growing. She ain't lyin'. 

A welcoming party of Kurtak, two working pups and a particularly vocal and showy cat lead us out to rows upon rows of summer blooms. Grape-purple Papaver poppy as tall as a man, clouds of statice in every color, Dark Opal basil, tiny white strawberries, a veritable wall of sweet pea. We started dreaming about the possiblities; a whole row of herbs we could distill for Snakeface! Singular-sourced organic blooms for an edible flower project! This carried on long, long into the afternoon over a working-lunch in Half Moon Bay. Rosé is a true catalyst for brainstorming.

It takes time, talk and attention to get anything moving - something we feel a little short on this time of year. But when does anyone ever have enough time and attention these days? Sometimes you just gotta do the damn thing.